Tips for Choosing the Best Air Freshener for Your Car

Need to buy a new air freshener for your car but want to get it right? Tired of cheap fresheners that last a day or two? Need to find something that keeps the whole family and not just you happy? Perhaps you don’t even know where to start looking when it comes to scenting your vehicle. Read on for some top tips when it comes to shopping for the best air freshener for cars.

Trust Your Own Senses

You already know what kinds of smells you like, so this isn’t actually something new you have to work out about yourself. Think about what kind of smells make you happy. Is it scents that remind you of a holiday? Smells that remind you of being cosy? Sexy, musty fragrances perhaps, or maybe the smell of chemical cleanliness? Take inspiration from what makes you happy in terms of general day-to-day smells to determine what you will like in your car.

Keep the Whole Family Happy

So you like musty oak smells but your wife prefers something fruity? Try to find a smell that keeps everybody happy. If you and your spouse or other family members have very different tastes in fragrance, then choose something which is fairly low-key and inoffensive. Good choices are ‘fresh’ scents such as mint, grass and new-car smell. Avoid heavy or overly sweet fragrances if you tend to have different opinions.

Long-Lasting Options

There is nothing more frustrating than buying a car air freshener that lasts for just a couple of days before becoming a pointless bit of card hanging in your car. Make sure you find one that guarantees a time period of freshness. Remember that price isn’t always the main determining factor when it comes to the best air freshener for cars.

Don’t Be Afraid to Ask

If you find yourself in someone’s car and you just love the smell, then why not ask them. You can do this anywhere, even in a taxi driver. No one will be offended to be told they have a nice-smelling car, so if you like it make a note of both the brand and the scent.

Think Seasonal

You don’t need to choose one scent and stick with it all year. Why not buy new scents for each season? In summer, light fruity scents are ideal such as coconut, strawberry, peach or vanilla. In spring time, go for something fresh or flowery. In winter, a citrus spice, chocolate, cinnamon or Christmassy flavour will warm you up nicely.

When it comes to buying car air fresheners, take the lead from your general preferences for smells and not just perfume fragrances. Don’t ignore the smells you encounter in everyday life. Make sure you buy a good-quality air freshener and one that will keep the whole family happy. Also think about changing the scent with the season, and if you smell something you like in someone else’s car, don’t be afraid to ask!

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