The importance of customised car freshener for promoting your brand

Customised car fresheners are an excellent way of exposing your brand whether you’re a small, medium or large company, whether you are focussed on the local or the global market and even for both B2B and B2C companies. Customised car fresheners can work wonders for your brand and if you’re not sure just how much a customised car freshener can help, then read our five top benefits.

1. It’s low cost

Branding, in most of its forms, is pricey. Anyone who has paid for a newspaper ad, a PR company or even a social media overhaul will testify to how pricey branding can be. Customised car fresheners, on the other hand, are not pricey, especially given how long they are used for by the recipient, which moves us on to benefit number two.

2. Outlasts other customised products

Some of the most popular forms of customised branding products simply don’t last. Pens break and get lost, gimmicks ultimately get thrown away but car fresheners stay put for weeks, sometimes months. In terms of giving out its best car freshener scent, the average life expectancy of a quality car freshner is 20 days. How long it actually remains in the car can be anything upwards from that – some people forget to change them for months, or even years!

3. Prolonged exposure

Not only do they remain in the car for an extended time, but the driver and passenger do too. An internet banner may be seen for a few seconds, an advert on a tube for a few minutes. The name of your company on a pen may be seen once and never again, but your company name and logo on a car freshener will be seen every day by those in the car, potentially for long periods of time. If you can get your brand name in front of the windscreen of a car sharing commuter, then this is excellent exposure.

4. It’s different

Now we said gimmicks don’t last, but there’s a fine line between being original and being gimmicky, and luckily customised car fresheners fall onto the right side of that line. It’s unique, it’s not something you see every single day, but it’s by no means a gimmick.

5. It has value

A car freshener actually provides value to your customer or potential customer. Car fresheners are not an essential item, but a nice treat and a free one is even better. Giving out customised car fresheners gives your customers something they will use and puts out a positive message about your brand. Look into the most popular and best car freshener scent options, such as New Car or Lemon and go for these.

As you see, investing in customised car fresheners to give away to customers could be the branding boost your company needs. As well as the benefits of being valuable and having longevity, it’s also low in cost compared to the many other branding options that are out there.

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