Choose a template, add a design and then place your order. Our selection of car air freshener shapes can accommodate the needs of your design, whatever they may be! We have shapes to fit your logo, shapes to fit your product, or you can provide us with a custom shape unique to you.

Your printed car air freshener needs to be eye-catching and hold all of the relevant brand information you need, so when you’re selecting a shape, it’s important to be conscious of how your design will work with the template you’ve chosen.

Luckily, we have a team of expert designers on-hand to make this job as easy as possible. For something really special, why not ask them about using a custom shape to create a completely unique product for your brand.

One Free Custom Shape with Every Order!

Custom Shape


Car (Wide)

Rectangular (H)

Rectangular (V)




Car (Long)





Circle w Hole

Rectangular Long



Oval (H)

Oval (V)


We’ve made a quick run-down of what shapes work best for what purpose, to help you make an easy selection.

  • Circle – best for displaying graphics, especially circular logos.
  • Square/Rectangle – ideal for holding text and information that is clear and easy to read.
  • Oval and Rectangle – perfect for displaying a simple logo and name/slogan combination.
  • Oval – great for longer images, such as figures of people, animals or buildings.

We also have themed shapes on offer – for example, our car and heart shapes are very popular because they are a little quirky, but also perfect for businesses that are synonymous with these shapes, such as a dating agency or a valeting business. All of our car air fresheners are printed onto thick, high quality board for a product that exudes all of the excellence you’d expect from a product with your branding on it.

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