How to make your custom car air fresheners last longer

Having some high quality, custom made air fresheners printed up for your business with your logo and information is a great way to start a promotional campaign. Whether you’re looking to incentivise your customers to buy more, to advertise your business through local exposure or simply to make yourself a more trusted supplier, we know custom car air fresheners are a great place to start.

But your customers will only use your air fresheners for as long as they are useful. Once they have lost their scent, they become nothing more than an irritating piece of card dangling from the mirror. Making sure your customers get the most from your air fresheners by doing what they can to make the last longer is easy; here are some simple tips:

  1. Keep them moist

Once a car air freshener has dried out, it’s pretty much finished. However, there are a few things you can do to revive a dead air freshener, or indeed to make a new one have a longer life span from the start. If you have a brand new air freshener for your car, instead of ripping off all the plastic packet straight away, try just exposing part of the freshener and leaving the packet on the rest. As the smell decreases, you can expose a little more of the cardboard to revive and renew the scent. If your freshener has dried out completely, try misting it with a little water to bring back the scent for a little longer.

  1. Avoid the air vents

Most customers hang their custom car air fresheners from the rear view mirror, and this is a pretty good place for most vehicles as it allows the scent to circulate freely. However, if this space is not available, we have known customers to hang them from the air vents. Putting them here certainly helps circulate the scent, as the air will blow the smell around the car. However, it will also cause them to dry out quicker, thereby losing their scent sooner. We can recommend trying the indicator stalk, or even placing them in a door pocket, as the smell will still gently circulate without causing drying out.

  1. Keep out of the sun

The sun dries out air fresheners just as quickly as your air vents, so trying to keep your fresheners out of the sun is a great way to prolong their lives. Obviously it’s not always possible to avoid the sun when you are driving, but parking under a tree or taking your freshener down while you are parked in the sun can help make it last a bit longer.

In general, treat your custom car air freshener as you would a new born baby. Wrap it up, keep it well fed (watered) and avoid keeping it out in the sun too long. But unlike a new born baby, our air fresheners won’t keep you up at night, or have you shelling out for university fees in 18 years’ time!

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