Impress Your Clients with Customised Air Fresheners

Ooh, what’s that smell?

Sometimes, especially in the winter, when the windows are firmly closed against the chilly weather, cars can be a bit stale, musty, and dare we say, perhaps even smelly. How nice it would be to have a more refreshing aroma. There are lots of ways to freshen the air in cars. From sprays and cans to jars and sticks you put in the heater outlets – there is plenty of choice. How about a neatly made card, imbued with delightful scents? A card that will hang neatly from the mirror, and, here’s the clincher, a card with your company’s logo, and identity, nicely visible to catch the driver’s eye. Well, that’s what we can produce for you.

Who are we?

We are Freshty, and we offer what we believe to be the best air freshener for cars. We custom design and produce card air fresheners, with company identities and logos, quickly, cheaply, and to a very high standard.

What is special about our car air fresheners?

Lots! We make them just for you, using your logo and company image. We make them quickly. Other companies providing custom-designed air fresheners can take about six weeks to deliver, but we do it in around two weeks. If you have a particularly urgent requirement, we can get them out for you in about a week. Our expert team members will speak to you about your order straight away, and get the ball rolling as quickly as they can. Best quality is assured by using purpose made, thick, high quality board, and the very best of fragrances. You’ll be thinking, “well this must be for huge orders only, and way beyond my budget”. Actually, that’s not the case! Our minimum order size is 250 (most other suppliers require 500), though, of course, we also welcome large orders. Our pricing is about half that of our competitors.

Mmm, what’s that smell?

So if we’re talking about fragrances, you may be wondering what we offer. We have a range of 20 different scents, made exclusively for us, and approved by the International Fragrance Association, which give you a wonderful choice of what may be best to associate with your identity. These include that intangible ‘new car’ smell, to flatter your customers, as well as favourites such as Chocolate, Cinnamon, and Coffee, and that mysterious ‘Black Code’. Bewildered? Don’t worry, our team will help you choose the best for you.

Why not?

All of these points makes us confident that we offer the very best air freshener for cars. Why not get in touch with our helpful team to find out how we could produce car air fresheners that will enhance your customer reputation. A nice, distinctive scent, delivered on a neat card, carrying your identity straight into eyeline of the recipient, whenever they check the mirror. Our cards are produced quickly, and at a price you seriously can afford. Mmm! Nice! Very nice!

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