Our sumptuous range of scents is full of fragrances that won’t be forgotten! From fresh to cool water, bubble gum to new car, and the scent of ocean to white flowers – you can bring a smile and promote your brand with custom car air fresheners! Each car air freshener fragrance is made from high grade oil based natural fragrance – never diluted and always of the highest quality – to produce an authentic, long lasting smell that people just love. To help you choose a scent, our selection of fabulous fragrances have a star rating from our clients – you can see the full range, ranked from most-loved to least-tried below. If you still have trouble choosing – give us a call and we’ll help you decide which scent will hit the mark for your business.

Finest quality IFRA approved perfumes only.


New Car

Cool Water

Bubble Gum


Black Code

Wild Berries

Exotic Cocktail

White Flowers












We have all sorts of scents on offer – our most popular personalised air freshener fragrances are the neutral ones, such as vanilla, strawbery and lemon, which offer soft and enjoyable smells that everyone is attracted to. If, however, you enjoy the spice of life and can’t help but try something new, we have fragrances such as exotic cocktail, alpine, ice and black code – all fun, lively scents sure to spark some attention and have people taking a peek at that wonderful car air freshener – which has your branding on it. Clever, right? Everybody likes to feel like they’re getting something for nothing, and when someone gives you a free product and you have the luxury of selecting the fragrance you like best, you’re sure to remember their name! Plus, a fragrance somebody loves is a fragrance they’re likely to want again, and the more times they hang your custom car air freshener up, the more exposure your business name gets. It’s a win-win, actually.  
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