Five Popular Types of Car Freshener Scent

Everyone loves their car to smell fresh. We can spend a lot of time in our vehicles, whether it’s doing the daily commute or ferrying the kids around at weekends to sports meetings and parties, so we need the inside of our cars to smell as clean as possible.

Buying a car freshener is an obvious way to do this – it will help eliminate bad odours, such as the kids’ stale PE kit or the smell of last night’s takeaway, as well as introducing a clean, pleasant odour which will last but not overwhelm the senses.

At Freshty we offer a wide range of scents which will create a pleasant atmosphere in your car. From fresh florals to clean, neutral aromas, food-based scents which will make your mouth water to exotic fruity tones, we have a fragrance to suit your personal taste.

All of our fresheners are made with natural fragrances which ensure you can rely on them not to fade quickly. But which is the best car freshener scent, and which are the most popular fragrances?

Nice and Neutral

At Freshty we have discovered that the most popular scents are the neutral ones. This shouldn’t come as a surprise – after all, not many people want their car to smell strongly of one particular fragrance, and most of us just want a clean and fresh smell which will not be too strong.

Our most popular neutral fragrances – as voted for by our customers, who give each of our scents a star rating – are those called Fresh and Cool Water. These five-star rated soft and gentle scents evoke the outside world, bringing a hint of fresh mountainside into your car’s interior.

Our third neutral tone which has proved a big hit with customers – also scoring five stars – is the scent called New Car.

Now, everyone loves the smell of a new car – if you’ve ever been lucky enough to be able to buy a car brand new, you’ll understand why. It’s that ‘fresh from the showroom’ aroma, that ‘just out of the wrapping’ smell which you only get with something brand new and unused.

Our New Car fragrance allows you to revive your own car, even if it’s a tired old, second-hand model, and evoke memories of freshness and newness. Priceless.

Food for Thought

High on the list of popular scents at Freshty – scoring an impressive four stars – are numerous more exotic, food-based aromas.

Perhaps so popular because they make our mouths water while also suggesting freshness, Strawberry and Bubble Gum bring to mind happy days out with the kids, with a large hint of summer sunshine thrown in for good measure.

Everyone loves the fun, good-time scent of Bubble Gum, while Strawberry brings memories of yummy desserts and juicy goodness.

So whatever your personal taste – nice and neutral or fresh and fruity – we’re sure you will find the best car freshener scent on our website.

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