How to design a custom car air freshener that really works for your business

Creating any promotional product for your business takes a lot of thought and consideration if you want to get it right. You’re investing a good chunk of capital into acquiring something that, you hope, will give your business a boost, but if you get the design and marketing plan wrong, it could be money down the drain.

There are a few key stages to the design and development of your perfect custom car air freshener for your next marketing campaign. As long as you put a good bit of thought into each of these stages, you are unlikely to go far wrong.

Know your audience

Any business worth its website will already have a good idea of who their customers are. Every marketing activity you do should be focussed on giving your target audience what they want, so hopefully you already know who it is you want to do business with. Find out as much as you can about age, educational level, gender and geographical location so that you can really build a product that hits the right notes with these people.

Know what you’re trying to achieve

Setting goals for your campaign is a crucial stage, and it will inform your design from this point forward. If you are trying to get more hits to your website, you know you need to include your web address somewhere on your custom air freshener. If you are trying to get more sales, maybe you need more written content on there, reminding them who you are and why they should choose to work with you.

Choose a shape

Not everything has to come in little boxes. While we certainly offer square and rectangular air freshener templates, we also find there are many other shapes proving popular with a variety of customers. Our house shape air freshener is great for cleaners, letting agents, builders and others, while our car shape proves popular with garages, valeters, taxi firms and more.

To choose the perfect shape for your business, think about what makes you unique. We can cut your fresheners to any custom shape, so if there is a particular shape or image that you feel represents your business, we can turn this into a perfect promotional product for you. You’ll also need to consider what information you want to include on your design.  If you have a lot of writing, then a rectangular or square shape allows for more text, whereas circles and ovals are great for simple logo and straplines.

Choose a scent

Air freshener scents are many and varied, and we can supply you with pretty much every popular one on the market. You’ll need to think, again, about your target demographic and which scents would appeal to them. New car, cool water and black ice are often popular among men and young people, whereas floral scents like jasmine, spring and lavender tend to be appreciated more by the mature audience.

Create a design

Now that you know what shape and scent you’ll be having, it’s time to plan your content. You can choose to have the same design on both sides, or something different on each. We often find that keeping things really simple, with just a bold logo and eye-catching strapline, on at least one of the sides works well; you can always include more details on the reverse.

Your content will depend on your own goal, but its good practice to keep everything in line with your brand and corporate image as much as possible. Think about the colours you are using, the typeface and the general image of the design, and make sure it’s upholding your brand integrity to ensure you get the recognition you deserve.

How we can help

Our designers have years of experience in working with promotional products such as car air fresheners, and can help you with any aspect of your design and production to ensure you get the right product for your needs. You don’t need to be an expert in graphic design to place an order; simply send us your logo and the specific brief for your product, and we’ll create a design on your behalf.

If it’s the first time you’ve used air fresheners for a promotional campaign, you might like to test a few different shapes, designs and scents to see what works best for your audience. This is no problem for us, as we can divide up your order into batches of 1,000 to enable you to try out a variety of products on your target audience.

Whatever it is you want to do, talk to our friendly team to make sure you get it right for your customers.

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