How charities can use custom car air fresheners to kick start a promotional campaign

Charities, fundraising organisations and not for profit companies all share one common goal: to raise money. With hundreds of opportunities for fundraising available to help raise vital funds for the cause, choosing the right promotional tools are crucial to their success. Promotional products such as printed car air fresheners can give these entities a new way to raise awareness, build loyalty and add significant funds to the pot.

Here are three key ways charities can use our printed car air fresheners effectively:

  1. To generate revenue

Some non-profits have had great success in selling branded goods to their audiences. This results in increased awareness of their cause, as well as providing a workable method to generate an income. Because our printed air fresheners are so reasonably priced in the first place, it is easy to sell them on individually at a small mark-up to generate revenue for the charity. If your charity is unable to retail directly because of the way you are set up, there are third parties who can manage the sales on behalf of your business, returning the profits to you directly.

  1. To build awareness of your charity

By printing products such as car air fresheners with your logo and information, you can inexpensively advertise and promote your cause in an effective, far reaching way. By putting your brand in front of its target market in everyday scenarios, you stand a better chance of being on their minds when it comes time for them to donate, to undertake their own fundraising activities or to sign up as a member.

Your supporters love this too. When you have people actively committed to your cause, they enjoy demonstrating their affection by wearing your logo with pride. A car air freshener printed with your logo is a great way to be a very visible supporter, and will elicit more awareness of your brand and stimulate conversation around your cause.

  1. To appreciate and recognise special people

You can say thank you to your valued donors, sponsors and members with an award of a printed air freshener at any time. This could be during a sign up process, where the air freshener forms part of a welcome pack. Alternatively you could offer it for free to anyone who donates more than a certain amount, or as a free gift to people who buy certain items in your shops. Not all awards have to be trophies, and not all winners have to be exceptional. Sometimes giving more people an inexpensive reward is a better way to keep people engaged than giving just a select few something of higher value.

Air fresheners for cars can be easily distributed for your charity at all manner of relevant events and occasions. You can choose to give them away or sell them at community fairs and trade shows, you can give them as prizes at award ceremonies. If you have the right set up, you can even sell them in your online shop or give them for free to people who pass a certain spending threshold. Talk to us about using our printed car air fresheners for your charitable organisation, and find out just how versatile these inexpensive promotional items really are.

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