Why your business should consider working with a charity

In our line of work, we deal with a lot of companies looking to promote their businesses through distribution of promotional products. Our promotional car air fresheners are a great way of publicising your logo, raising brand awareness and even harnessing a new revenue stream. However, sometimes it pays to do more than just benefit yourselves.

Self-promotion is a great tool for any business, but many businesses we have worked with have found great success in being more altruistic in their marketing endeavours. By sharing the branding of our promotional car air fresheners with their favourite charity, businesses can harness the many benefits of raising money for, and promoting, a worthy cause too.

What are the benefits of working with a charity?

The modern consumer is looking for more than just the cheapest price. Customers value high quality service, exceptional products and a good reputation. By partnering with a recognised charity, you can earn the notice and respect of thousands of customers who might otherwise not know anything about you.

Look around you. How many other businesses in your sector are supporting a charitable cause? Some will be donating quietly, with little more than a press release to indicate their efforts. Others may embellish every page of their website with their chosen charity’s logo. By working with a charity and adding their logo to your promotional car air fresheners, you can earn the trust and recognition of a whole new sector of customers.

Not only that, but many political, community and business leaders love to be heavily involved with charities and not for profit organisations. By supporting a charity and getting to know more about them, you could open doors to new, powerful networks and contacts that could enhance your businesses clout in the future.

How to make it work

We’ve seen numerous businesses who have achieved great success through co-printing our promotional car air fresheners and then using them to fundraise for their charity. Most simply sell the car air fresheners with their charity logo emblazoned on them along with their own logo and information, giving a portion of the profits over to the cause. However, there can be a lot more to running a charity promotion that just that. Here are our top tips for making a charitable promotion really work:

  • Make a noise on line: Modern business starts with the web, so make sure you are visibly supporting your charity wherever you can online. Add a blog post, issue a press release and add their branding to at least one page of your website to show your support.
  • Don’t be too commercial: It’s easy to get a bit carried away with your own greatness when sponsoring a promotion with a charity. Sponsors who seem to be promoting themselves over their charitable cause can end up damaging their image rather than enhancing it, so ensure that the good work of your chosen third sector partner is at the forefront of the marketing you do.
  • Share your promotional know-how: There are lots of worthy non-profits shouting about their causes all year round, so although you might be a background sponsor, your charity might appreciate a little professional help in the promotional stakes too.
  • Give meaningful donations: You can donate the profits, or a proportion of them, from your car air fresheners to your charity, sure. But there can often be other ‘donations’ you can make to your charity too. Talk to the chief executive and find out from them if there are other donations of time, expertise, skills or equipment that could help them in their work.

Being involved with a charity can have far reaching benefits for businesses of all shapes and sizes. Consider what sort of charity you would like to be associated with, and start talking to the directors of these companies to see how such an initiative would work for the two of you.

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