Choosing the right scent for your promotional car air freshener

There’s a lot to think about when creating your very own personalised air freshener for your company. As well as the content and design, you’ll need to think about picking the right type of fragrance to reflect your business. Believe it or not, smell really does matter, and because our scent memory is one of the longest lasting types of memory, if you get it wrong you’ll have a whole raft of customers who will forever think that ‘you stink’!

Here’s some helpful insight into the smells that sell, which will help you pick out the right variant for your own, personalised giveaway.

What’s in a scent?

Some scents are just plain old nice to smell. Yummy smells like ‘bubblegum’, ‘spring’ and ‘pine’ are great for filling the air with comforting freshness. But did you know some scents are actually capable of making people feel better? In aromatherapy, essential oils are used to treat a variety of conditions, with different scents performing different tasks. Continue reading →

How can custom car air fresheners actually boost your business sales?

Staying ahead of the competition takes more than just great products and exceptional service. In today’s aggressive marketplace, remaining the first choice for customers in your industry means getting your name out there, something that only great marketing can really achieve for you.
According to research by Forbes, businesses allocate as much as 11.4% of their revenue to their annual marketing budget, which is a big investment by anyone’s standards. An investment of this calibre needs to deliver profitable results for the company, otherwise it’s just money down the drain.
We are often asked how investing in custom car air fresheners can lead to increased sales for the businesses that use them. Here are four reasons that we know our promotional air fresheners can boost your business’ bottom line and perk up your profits. Continue reading →

Getting Into It

Promotional materials come in all shapes and sizes, from pens to paperweights and post-it notes, but if you want to ensure your promotional giveaway is not going to be gathering dust in a drawer for the rest of its life, then make it useful. Custom car air fresheners are the perfect solution – they are cheap, useful and – thanks to advances in die cutting technology – endlessly customisable, so you can choose a shape that fits in perfectly with your product or service. We offer a variety of stock shapes but if you feel like being a bit more adventurous and designing your own promotional air freshener then here are a few points to consider. Continue reading →

Things to Consider

Custom car air fresheners provide a fantastic way of advertising a business or service to drivers and passengers, as well as to passers by when the vehicle is parked up in a public car park or in the street. However, there is still plenty to consider before you take the plunge, so have a look at our list of things to think about when choosing a design and sourcing a company to make them for you.

1 – Brand identity

Passers by may not stop to inspect the writing on a promotional car air freshener in detail, but they will notice the colours and the logo, so make sure your branded car air fresheners are easily recognisable as your own. Your custom car air fresheners should match your company branding and image so that they are instantly and easily recognisable. Continue reading →

Weird Fresheners

Promotional car air fresheners are a fantastic way to advertise a business, charity or service and this has led to some interesting uses of the concept over the years. Here is our top ten list of interesting, funny – and sometimes downright disastrous – ways  to use promotional car air fresheners.

10 – Perhaps the most iconic and instantly recognisable range of novelty car air fresheners is Magic Tree. Most of us have grown up seeing the smelly trees hanging from cars everywhere, so it is no surprise that when a certain chain of garden centres in the North of England released their promotional car air fresheners in the shape of a pine tree, there were a few problems. The design was certainly appropriate for the business, but the success of Magic Tree meant the product had to be withdrawn before the legal action could start! Continue reading →

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