The importance of customised car freshener for promoting your brand

Customised car fresheners are an excellent way of exposing your brand whether you’re a small, medium or large company, whether you are focussed on the local or the global market and even for both B2B and B2C companies. Customised car fresheners can work wonders for your brand and if you’re not sure just how much a customised car freshener can help, then read our five top benefits.

1. It’s low cost

Branding, in most of its forms, is pricey. Anyone who has paid for a newspaper ad, a PR company or even a social media overhaul will testify to how pricey branding can be. Customised car fresheners, on the other hand, are not pricey, especially given how long they are used for by the recipient, which moves us on to benefit number two.

2. Outlasts other customised products

Some of the most popular forms of customised branding products simply don’t last. Pens break and get lost, gimmicks ultimately get thrown away but car fresheners stay put for weeks, sometimes months. In terms of giving out its best car freshener scent, the average life expectancy of a quality car freshner is 20 days. How long it actually remains in the car can be anything upwards from that – some people forget to change them for months, or even years!

3. Prolonged exposure

Not only do they remain in the car for an extended time, but the driver and passenger do too. An internet banner may be seen for a few seconds, an advert on a tube for a few minutes. The name of your company on a pen may be seen once and never again, but your company name and logo on a car freshener will be seen every day by those in the car, potentially for long periods of time. If you can get your brand name in front of the windscreen of a car sharing commuter, then this is excellent exposure.

4. It’s different

Now we said gimmicks don’t last, but there’s a fine line between being original and being gimmicky, and luckily customised car fresheners fall onto the right side of that line. It’s unique, it’s not something you see every single day, but it’s by no means a gimmick.

5. It has value

A car freshener actually provides value to your customer or potential customer. Car fresheners are not an essential item, but a nice treat and a free one is even better. Giving out customised car fresheners gives your customers something they will use and puts out a positive message about your brand. Look into the most popular and best car freshener scent options, such as New Car or Lemon and go for these.

As you see, investing in customised car fresheners to give away to customers could be the branding boost your company needs. As well as the benefits of being valuable and having longevity, it’s also low in cost compared to the many other branding options that are out there.

7 unusual uses for your promotional car air fresheners

As specialists in the printed car air fresheners market, we see the impact these promotional tools have on our clients businesses every day. We know that, as an inexpensive, eye-catching and useful promotional product, our custom car air fresheners are a top choice. You’ll love them, and more importantly, your customers will love them too.

But there’s always that one customer who breaks the mould. That one awkward person who, no matter how hard you try, never seems to be satisfied. When it comes to printed car air fresheners, there’s pretty much only one objection that will wash: “I don’t have a car.”

When you’ve chosen to invest money and time into the design and creation of beautiful car air fresheners for your business, having a customer turn down your thoughtful gift can be disheartening. But fear not, because even non drivers and those who don’t own a car can still have a delightful time with your product, with a little creative thought that is. Here are 7 of the most unusual, novel uses we’ve heard of for our printed car air fresheners, which you can happily roll out the next time your customer tries to turn down your gift. Continue reading →

Impress Your Clients with Customised Air Fresheners

Ooh, what’s that smell?

Sometimes, especially in the winter, when the windows are firmly closed against the chilly weather, cars can be a bit stale, musty, and dare we say, perhaps even smelly. How nice it would be to have a more refreshing aroma. There are lots of ways to freshen the air in cars. From sprays and cans to jars and sticks you put in the heater outlets – there is plenty of choice. How about a neatly made card, imbued with delightful scents? A card that will hang neatly from the mirror, and, here’s the clincher, a card with your company’s logo, and identity, nicely visible to catch the driver’s eye. Well, that’s what we can produce for you.

Who are we?

We are Freshty, and we offer what we believe to be the best air freshener for cars. We custom design and produce card air fresheners, with company identities and logos, quickly, cheaply, and to a very high standard.

What is special about our car air fresheners?

Lots! We make them just for you, using your logo and company image. We make them quickly. Other companies providing custom-designed air fresheners can take about six weeks to deliver, but we do it in around two weeks. If you have a particularly urgent requirement, we can get them out for you in about a week. Our expert team members will speak to you about your order straight away, and get the ball rolling as quickly as they can. Best quality is assured by using purpose made, thick, high quality board, and the very best of fragrances. You’ll be thinking, “well this must be for huge orders only, and way beyond my budget”. Actually, that’s not the case! Our minimum order size is 250 (most other suppliers require 500), though, of course, we also welcome large orders. Our pricing is about half that of our competitors.

Mmm, what’s that smell?

So if we’re talking about fragrances, you may be wondering what we offer. We have a range of 20 different scents, made exclusively for us, and approved by the International Fragrance Association, which give you a wonderful choice of what may be best to associate with your identity. These include that intangible ‘new car’ smell, to flatter your customers, as well as favourites such as Chocolate, Cinnamon, and Coffee, and that mysterious ‘Black Code’. Bewildered? Don’t worry, our team will help you choose the best for you.

Why not?

All of these points makes us confident that we offer the very best air freshener for cars. Why not get in touch with our helpful team to find out how we could produce car air fresheners that will enhance your customer reputation. A nice, distinctive scent, delivered on a neat card, carrying your identity straight into eyeline of the recipient, whenever they check the mirror. Our cards are produced quickly, and at a price you seriously can afford. Mmm! Nice! Very nice!

Five Popular Types of Car Freshener Scent

Everyone loves their car to smell fresh. We can spend a lot of time in our vehicles, whether it’s doing the daily commute or ferrying the kids around at weekends to sports meetings and parties, so we need the inside of our cars to smell as clean as possible.

Buying a car freshener is an obvious way to do this – it will help eliminate bad odours, such as the kids’ stale PE kit or the smell of last night’s takeaway, as well as introducing a clean, pleasant odour which will last but not overwhelm the senses.

At Freshty we offer a wide range of scents which will create a pleasant atmosphere in your car. From fresh florals to clean, neutral aromas, food-based scents which will make your mouth water to exotic fruity tones, we have a fragrance to suit your personal taste.

All of our fresheners are made with natural fragrances which ensure you can rely on them not to fade quickly. But which is the best car freshener scent, and which are the most popular fragrances?

Nice and Neutral

At Freshty we have discovered that the most popular scents are the neutral ones. This shouldn’t come as a surprise – after all, not many people want their car to smell strongly of one particular fragrance, and most of us just want a clean and fresh smell which will not be too strong.

Our most popular neutral fragrances – as voted for by our customers, who give each of our scents a star rating – are those called Fresh and Cool Water. These five-star rated soft and gentle scents evoke the outside world, bringing a hint of fresh mountainside into your car’s interior.

Our third neutral tone which has proved a big hit with customers – also scoring five stars – is the scent called New Car.

Now, everyone loves the smell of a new car – if you’ve ever been lucky enough to be able to buy a car brand new, you’ll understand why. It’s that ‘fresh from the showroom’ aroma, that ‘just out of the wrapping’ smell which you only get with something brand new and unused.

Our New Car fragrance allows you to revive your own car, even if it’s a tired old, second-hand model, and evoke memories of freshness and newness. Priceless.

Food for Thought

High on the list of popular scents at Freshty – scoring an impressive four stars – are numerous more exotic, food-based aromas.

Perhaps so popular because they make our mouths water while also suggesting freshness, Strawberry and Bubble Gum bring to mind happy days out with the kids, with a large hint of summer sunshine thrown in for good measure.

Everyone loves the fun, good-time scent of Bubble Gum, while Strawberry brings memories of yummy desserts and juicy goodness.

So whatever your personal taste – nice and neutral or fresh and fruity – we’re sure you will find the best car freshener scent on our website.

A Guide to Choosing Wholesale Car Air Fresheners

Promotional marketing can take many different forms, and it’s important to choose the best product that showcases your brand in the right way and provides benefits for your customers.

Car air fresheners can be a great way to publicise your business, especially if you operate within the automotive sector, such as a garage, car wash or a parts and accessories supplier. It’s a cost-effective way to remind customers of your name, and it also provides them with a fresh scent for their car.

Benefits of customised car air fresheners

Wholesale car air fresheners, like many promotional products, have an extremely low per-unit cost, especially if you order them in large enough volumes. This enables you to get your message out to a wider audience, even if you don’t have a particularly high marketing budget. They can be used as a way of saying thank you to customers for their business, which increases loyalty figures and makes a lasting impression.

Fast turnaround time

When you’ve made the decision to give away promotional items, you don’t want to be waiting weeks for delivery, which can be the case with some products. Customised car air fresheners can be produced to your specifications and delivered within a couple of weeks so you can start giving them away as soon as possible.

An alternative to the business card

It’s easy for customers to file away a business card and then misplace it. This means that when they need your contact details, they might end up going somewhere else. However, if you choose wholesale car air fresheners, your details can be hanging in their car so they’re easy to find when required.

Keep you in mind

If your product or service is car-related, it pays to keep your brand in the customers’ minds when they’re driving. If you operate a garage and their MOT is due, they’ll remember you rather than looking up another number. Likewise, if you run a car wash and they think their car could do with a wash or valet, they’ll be more inclined to come back.

Choosing personalised car air fresheners

When it comes to choosing customised air fresheners to promote your brand, there are a number of choices to make.

One of the best ways to make a good impression with customers is to choose a pleasant fragrance that will give them a long-lasting smell. Natural oil-based fragrances offer a high-quality fragrance, and they are available in a range of scents, including fruit and flower-based fragrances. If you’re sending out air fresheners at particular seasonal times of the year, consider choosing a special fragrance, such as winter spiced versions at Christmas.

The other main decision you’ll need to make is the shape of your air freshener, and this can really make a difference with customers. There are plenty of standard designs you can use, including car, house and star shapes, or you can design your own customised shape that says something about your business.

Tips for Choosing the Best Air Freshener for Your Car

Need to buy a new air freshener for your car but want to get it right? Tired of cheap fresheners that last a day or two? Need to find something that keeps the whole family and not just you happy? Perhaps you don’t even know where to start looking when it comes to scenting your vehicle. Read on for some top tips when it comes to shopping for the best air freshener for cars.

Trust Your Own Senses

You already know what kinds of smells you like, so this isn’t actually something new you have to work out about yourself. Think about what kind of smells make you happy. Is it scents that remind you of a holiday? Smells that remind you of being cosy? Sexy, musty fragrances perhaps, or maybe the smell of chemical cleanliness? Take inspiration from what makes you happy in terms of general day-to-day smells to determine what you will like in your car.

Keep the Whole Family Happy

So you like musty oak smells but your wife prefers something fruity? Try to find a smell that keeps everybody happy. If you and your spouse or other family members have very different tastes in fragrance, then choose something which is fairly low-key and inoffensive. Good choices are ‘fresh’ scents such as mint, grass and new-car smell. Avoid heavy or overly sweet fragrances if you tend to have different opinions.

Long-Lasting Options

There is nothing more frustrating than buying a car air freshener that lasts for just a couple of days before becoming a pointless bit of card hanging in your car. Make sure you find one that guarantees a time period of freshness. Remember that price isn’t always the main determining factor when it comes to the best air freshener for cars.

Don’t Be Afraid to Ask

If you find yourself in someone’s car and you just love the smell, then why not ask them. You can do this anywhere, even in a taxi driver. No one will be offended to be told they have a nice-smelling car, so if you like it make a note of both the brand and the scent.

Think Seasonal

You don’t need to choose one scent and stick with it all year. Why not buy new scents for each season? In summer, light fruity scents are ideal such as coconut, strawberry, peach or vanilla. In spring time, go for something fresh or flowery. In winter, a citrus spice, chocolate, cinnamon or Christmassy flavour will warm you up nicely.

When it comes to buying car air fresheners, take the lead from your general preferences for smells and not just perfume fragrances. Don’t ignore the smells you encounter in everyday life. Make sure you buy a good-quality air freshener and one that will keep the whole family happy. Also think about changing the scent with the season, and if you smell something you like in someone else’s car, don’t be afraid to ask!

How charities can use custom car air fresheners to kick start a promotional campaign

Charities, fundraising organisations and not for profit companies all share one common goal: to raise money. With hundreds of opportunities for fundraising available to help raise vital funds for the cause, choosing the right promotional tools are crucial to their success. Promotional products such as printed car air fresheners can give these entities a new way to raise awareness, build loyalty and add significant funds to the pot.

Here are three key ways charities can use our printed car air fresheners effectively:

  1. To generate revenue

Some non-profits have had great success in selling branded goods to their audiences. This results in increased awareness of their cause, as well as providing a workable method to generate an income. Because our printed air fresheners are so reasonably priced in the first place, it is easy to sell them on individually at a small mark-up to generate revenue for the charity. If your charity is unable to retail directly because of the way you are set up, there are third parties who can manage the sales on behalf of your business, returning the profits to you directly. Continue reading →

Why your business should consider working with a charity

In our line of work, we deal with a lot of companies looking to promote their businesses through distribution of promotional products. Our promotional car air fresheners are a great way of publicising your logo, raising brand awareness and even harnessing a new revenue stream. However, sometimes it pays to do more than just benefit yourselves.

Self-promotion is a great tool for any business, but many businesses we have worked with have found great success in being more altruistic in their marketing endeavours. By sharing the branding of our promotional car air fresheners with their favourite charity, businesses can harness the many benefits of raising money for, and promoting, a worthy cause too. Continue reading →

How to design a custom car air freshener that really works for your business

Creating any promotional product for your business takes a lot of thought and consideration if you want to get it right. You’re investing a good chunk of capital into acquiring something that, you hope, will give your business a boost, but if you get the design and marketing plan wrong, it could be money down the drain.

There are a few key stages to the design and development of your perfect custom car air freshener for your next marketing campaign. As long as you put a good bit of thought into each of these stages, you are unlikely to go far wrong.

Know your audience

Any business worth its website will already have a good idea of who their customers are. Every marketing activity you do should be focussed on giving your target audience what they want, so hopefully you already know who it is you want to do business with. Find out as much as you can about age, educational level, gender and geographical location so that you can really build a product that hits the right notes with these people. Continue reading →

How to run a successful marketing campaign using custom car air fresheners

For companies of all sizes, running a campaign based on using promotional products such as our custom car air fresheners can be the boost you need to get your brand really established and recognised. When you get it right, this type of campaign can have immediate and long lasting effects for your business, as well as often the lowest cost per contact of any type of marketing method.

The key to making the most of this opportunity, however, is to really put the leg work in during the early stages. Your plan needs to be well designed, well thought out and ready to run way before you start handing out your car air fresheners to customers. You’ll need to have recognisable, achievable goals, and will need to be able to measure the success of your campaign so that you can decide how to improve it next time. Continue reading →

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