7 unusual uses for your promotional car air fresheners

As specialists in the printed car air fresheners market, we see the impact these promotional tools have on our clients businesses every day. We know that, as an inexpensive, eye-catching and useful promotional product, our custom car air fresheners are a top choice. You’ll love them, and more importantly, your customers will love them too.

But there’s always that one customer who breaks the mould. That one awkward person who, no matter how hard you try, never seems to be satisfied. When it comes to printed car air fresheners, there’s pretty much only one objection that will wash: “I don’t have a car.”

When you’ve chosen to invest money and time into the design and creation of beautiful car air fresheners for your business, having a customer turn down your thoughtful gift can be disheartening. But fear not, because even non drivers and those who don’t own a car can still have a delightful time with your product, with a little creative thought that is. Here are 7 of the most unusual, novel uses we’ve heard of for our printed car air fresheners, which you can happily roll out the next time your customer tries to turn down your gift.

  1. Shoe fragrance

Who loves stinky feet? Nobody, that’s who. And even if you don’t mind the smell of your own freshly brewed foot cheese, your girlfriend / mum / dog probably doesn’t appreciate it so much. Pop one of our custom air fresheners into the bottom of your shoe, and you’ll be as fresh as a daisy (or blueberry, black ice, vanilla, lemon…) every time you remove your footwear.

  1. Scented bookmark

Hate the smell of musty books? Want to stimulate more than just your visionary senses when you pick up your latest read? Why not use a car air freshener as a novel bookmark? They fit well, will be easy to find and will keep your favourite books smelling clean and fresh every day.

  1. Alternative business cards

Business cards are so 1990. But despite the move to digital, we still like to have something to give out when we’re talking face to face. Choose to distribute gorgeously designed, lush smelling custom air fresheners to your contacts, and you can guarantee you’ll be remembered for all the right reasons.

  1. Drawer freshener

Nobody uses those little lavender bags anymore. Well, nobody apart from your gran that is. Pop a custom car air freshener in the draw with your small things, and never have to deal with that stale sock smell again.

  1. Handbag deodoriser

Mums – take heed. Since your once beautiful designer handbag has been a receptacle for half eaten biscuit, dirty nappy or snotty tissue, it never seems to smell the same again. Well, banish that bag to the closet no more, because with the help of a freshener secreted in your inside pocket, nobody need ever know the truth!

With any luck, the actual use of your printed car air freshener will be the purpose for which it was designed, namely to dangle fragrantly from the mirror of your customers car. But, should you encounter an Awkward Andrew in your line of work, who seems to have an objection for everything, you can always suggest he makes use of your freshener in some other, creative, inspiring way.

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