Long lasting custom car air fresheners in the UK

Here at Go Car Fresh™, we have been making custom car air fresheners for more than 10 years. Unlike others, our fresheners will stay scented for 3 weeks or even more. Not only that but our fresheners have pleasant smelling perfumes, as we use only the finest IFRA-approved perfumes. The quality of our fresheners is due to our unique production system, which we have perfected over the years. Order now and you will want to keep coming back for more.

Custom car air fresheners from Go Car Fresh™

Looking for custom car air fresheners printing? We only produce fresheners that meet our exceptionally high standards, using thick card and high quality fragrances to create car air fresheners that your target audience will love.

We are probably the lowest cost and fastest supplier of custom car air fresheners, backed by excellent customer service!

Some companies take up to six weeks to complete an order – We are fast, we will deliver in 3 weeks time. We also have a priority order process for priority jobs, which can have your custom car air fresheners with you in as little as 1 week or even sooner! If that wasn’t reason enough to place an order with us, we are also half price of our competitors. Speed, quality and affordability are at the heart of what we offer, and when you get in touch with us, we won’t leave you waiting – we get back to you right away.

Expose your brand for as little as 23p per air freshener! No hidden costs! Small order? No problem!

  • Low prices – Our prices are as much as 50% cheaper than some companies producing the similar products. Some companies charge up to £700 for 1,000 fresheners. We charge half of that price.
  • Fast production and delivery  The standard waiting time for personalised air fresheners is as much as six weeks. Not with us! Our standard time for completing an order is estimated 3 weeks, with next day delivery arranged as soon as the order is complete. We also have a fast track service where, for a small extra cost, we can complete an order in as little as 1 week or sooner.
  • Instant response – We understand that time is of the essence, which is why we respond to any enquiry instantly. Why wait days for another company to get back to you? Contact us, and we will be in touch straight away.
  • Small orders taken – The smallest order we accept is for just 500 fresheners.
  • High quality card – By printing onto high quality, thick board directly we produce a product that exudes excellence. Thick card won’t get damaged in transit or storage, plus it absorbs and stores fragrances better. And last longer as it is purpose made board!
  • Long lasting fragrances – We only use undiluted high quality fragrances. During manufacture we ensure that as much of the fragrance as possible is absorbed into the thick card for maximum longevity. Our personalised car air fresheners can be stored unopened for years and still deliver a pleasant fragrance. We do not cut the corners like most others do!
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